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liposuction for men

Fat Removal via Liposuction

At Sculpt Sydney, our liposuction procedure will remove excess adipose tissue that are resistant to diet and exercise. Our liposculpture treatment can be used by our surgical professionals to reduce the number of fat cells in these areas.

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vaserlipo for men


The VASERlipo procedure is an additional step just before we perform traditional lipo. At Sculpt, we use the VASER machine to send ultrasonic shock waves to break apart the fat cells, as well as any fibrous tissue. The VASERlipo also allows us to come very close to the skin layer without damage. Due to this, patient results are often better and higher definition compared to traditional liposuction.

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gynecomastia removal

Gynecomastia Removal

Gynecomastia removal enables men to gain a flatter and firmer chest.

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