Stubborn Abdominal Fat

Losing adipose tissue in the abdomen can be especially difficult, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Out of all the areas of the body, the stomach and surrounding areas tend to store the most fat cells. 

The abdomen is a common area for liposuction, and at Sculpt we are able to target very specific areas for a firmer and more toned look. Reducing stomach fat may seem like a daunting task, but our safe and effective treatments can help!

Understanding ‘weight loss’ and ‘liposuction’.

When we gain weight, our fat cells enlarge. They will increase in size due to excess oil within the actual fat cell. When we lose weight, the fat cell still remains there, it just decreases in size because the oil within has reduced. So, we can consider fat cells as ‘containers that hold oil’.

When we perform liposuction or liposculpture, we physically remove these containers full of oil.

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About Abdomen Liposculpting Procedure

The procedure involves provision of medications as well twilight sedation. You should be a in a comfortable position, relaxed, rather drowsy but able to listen to instruction. You will then be given a local to numb the area where we are removing your body fat. The procedure shouldn’t cause any discomfort due to the .

From this point we will simply harvest your fat, the incision points are very small. Typically only 1 to 2cm in width, they do not require stitches. We aim to place the incisions in discrete locations. For a common liposuction procedure we will need to make about 2 to 4 incision sites. Of course this varies from patient to patient, procedure to procedure.

On completion of the procedure, you will be moved to our patient recovery lounge to rest and sleep. The sedative can take a few hours to wear off, but generally, patients are ready to go home about an hour after the surgery. You should be able to walk out of the surgery, but you may feel dizzy and lightheaded.

Our team will discuss with you our set of post-operative care instructions to encourage the healing process.

Cost of Liposculpture to the Abdomen

  • Typical costs to remove excess fat in the lower abdomen will be $4,400*

Some people classify the abdomen into 3 different parts, we feel this is unnecessary. In many cases, the bulk of fat removal is either in the lower abdomen, upper abdomen or combination of both.

  • Extending liposuction to the upper abdomen will add an extra $1,800*
  • Extending liposuction to the love handles will add an extra $2,400*
  • Liposuction only on the upper abdomen will cost $4,400*
  • Cost of liposuction to full abdomen (below breast to above pubic area – excl. love handles) in single session and total cost will be $6,200*.

*These are typical costs, for the average person it should not change. However, every patient is different, these prices may change per patient scenario.

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