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When we gain weight, our fat cells enlarge but do not change in number. Think of it like this – your fat cells are containers, and when you put weight on, these containers fill up with oil. When you lose weight, the oil drains from the container. When we perform liposuction, we actually remove these containers to reduce fat cells.

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The VASERlipo is an additional step before we perform traditional liposuction. We actually user the VASER machine to send ultrasonic shock waves to break apart the fat cells as well as any fibrous tissue. This allows us to come very close to the skin without damage. Due to this, patient results are often better and higher definition compared to traditional liposuction.

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bum lift

Bum Lift

This procedure involves removal of your unwanted body fat around the love handles and lower back, to create a beautiful curve that leads and accentuates the buttocks. Then, we will transfer some of the removed fat into the buttocks to improve contours/shape. This allows your buttocks to have a more rounder appearance.

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fat transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat is great! As long as it is in the right place. The unwanted fat we remove with liposuction procedure, we can simply place into areas you wish were bigger. This can include the breasts, buttocks, hands and cheeks.

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