The journey to Blepharoplasty: a patient’s story

The journey to Blepharoplasty: a patient’s story

The journey to Blepharoplasty: a patient’s story

One of our recent Blepharoplasty patients has been kind enough to share her story with us, thank you Katie.

Why did you choose to undergo a blepharoplasty and what were some of your concerns?

I have noted that when I am tired, I seem to lose the crease in my eyes – my lids droop and it creates a more aged appearance than the rest of my face. I don’t have lots of wrinkles or lines, and I’m quite satisfied with my appearance but I recently feel that my eyes are showing my age – which is OK but if I can have that resolved without too much drama, I will. I think my biggest concern is that I could have a pulled and stretched, un-natural appearance, and I would rather have no improvement at all than look like I’ve had ‘work done’.

The consultation

The surgeon was very clear about the process and explained the procedure thoroughly. One of the first questions was ‘what would you like to achieve’. And I am very realistic. It’s only the eye area, so I’m not expecting to dial back 20 years, but I would like a slightly fresher appearance.

I saw the results of his previous procedures and was comfortable that improvement would be natural-looking.

The preparation for the procedure

There were a few things to do first including a blood test and washing my head, including my hair, with a special preparation the night before and the morning of my procedure. Jess took me through the process after my consultation.

On the day of the procedure

On arriving at the clinic the morning of my procedure I was nervous – no doubt. It’s a funny thing that elective surgery seems like a small thing until you are sitting in a blue gown and paper slippers. Marina was the surgical nurse that day and was taking great care of me. She watched over the monitors and has such a caring temperament, I felt very comfortable and avoided having the sedation. One of my concerns was sedation. I was worried that I would be talking rubbish whilst under that effect and Marina told me that that is something most patients ask about.

I was surprised that I really felt nothing during the surgery. I did see the very bright theatre lights as my lids were being worked on, and was expecting some pain at every moment, but it just didn’t come.

The incision was clean after stitching and gluing, but as I bruise like a champion, within a few hours I had some good colour around both eyes. Even thought I had an upper blepharoplasty only, I did have bruising on upper and lower lids.

On the drive home I noticed that my left eye did not completely close and I was a bit concerned about that for about 20 minutes, but it soon resolved and vision was back to normal in a few hours. To be honest, I was surprised by the lack of discomfort.

The checkup post procedure

My follow up visit was 4 days later when the bruising had subsided -the day after surgery I was able to cover it with concealer, but to be fair, there is probably a 3 day downtime, so it’s definitely a treatment that’s best done on Friday or long-weekends. Stitches came out without any discomfort.

The educated friend

I saw a good friend who works in the beauty business a fortnight later and she was very keen to see the results. Result! She thinks I look at least 10 years younger.

Was it worth it?

Two months on and I am so very pleased I had the Blepharoplasty. There is no doubt that I was slightly hesitant because I’ve not had facial surgery and I don’t have any cosmetic injectables, so this was a big step, but on reflection, I’d definitely do it again. In a heart-beat.

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