Anti-Aging Skin Secrets of Celebrities

Anti-Aging Skin Secrets of Celebrities

Anti-Aging Skin Secrets of Celebrities

They are constantly in the spotlight and are revered for their flawlessly beautiful skin, and now we uncover their secrets…

Famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are idolised for their talent, beauty and flawless skin – and now at Sculpt in Sydney we unveil their most secret beauty regimes so you can gain the flawless skin you desire, too!

Celebrities are not born with flawless skin…

It’s true, very rarely does a celebrity have beautiful skin thanks to Mother Nature alone. Not only do they have excess amounts of money to spend on their beauty regimes, when they are not working they have plenty of time (sometimes all day every day) to work on their look – something we regular people simply cannot afford to do! Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as a shock that most of their beauty secrets involve getting a little ‘help’ from Sculpt Cosmetica.

Kim Kardashian undergoes Fraxel Laser treatments…

Fraxel Laser (also known as C02 Fractional Laser) targets small sections of skin at a time, and is the perfect treatment for the following skin flaws:

  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Age spots
  • Melasmas

Kim Kardashian has admitted to making frequent trips to her dermatologist to undergo this laser treatment. By making these visits she is actively taking control of her aging skin to help it remain beautiful, taut and smooth!

At Sculpt we provide the C02 Fractional Laser which works in the same way as the Fraxel Laser, and targets specific areas of the skin to remove sun damage and smooth the skin at a cellular level.

Celebrities are proactive about their wrinkles…

With advancements in cosmetic technology have come high quality treatments that can give natural looking results when conducted in moderation. Unsurprisingly, celebrities were early adopters of these new and advanced treatments.

Injectable fillers are a popular celebrity secret that is used to smooth the skin for a more refined visage. If you utilise injectable fillers in moderation when the wrinkles first appear, you are usually able to smooth the lines and benefit from a more desirable complexion. At Sculpt we are able to offer high quality injectable fillers so you can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles to keep aging at bay.

Our Injectable fillers can be used to:

  • provide a youthfully rejuvenated appearance by decreasing wrinkles
  • Increase fullness to the lips and cheeks
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Restore or create a more proportioned face
  • Refine features of the face such as the cheeks, lips, and nose

Beautiful celebrity skin also requires a little TLC…

While our cosmetic treatments will help you gain the aesthetics you desire, it is also important to take good care of your skin. To do so we suggest:

  • Cleaning the face morning and night – this helps remove dirt and makeup, and allows your skin to breathe freely while you sleep
  • Moisturising – this is a big part of any beauty routine, and will help cells regenerate as well as keep them hydrated for a healthier, more youthful complexion

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